Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Different Kind of Diesel Stomping

This weekend was Mikey's Tree Jamboree hosted by his union brotherhood. They have the event at either Kensington or Stonycreek Metropark, alternating yearly. This year the event was at Kensington, and knowing how long the event can last, we couldn't bare to leave Diesel at home all day.

Mikey competing in the Foot-Lock event
Early Saturday morning, we packed coolers,daypacks, and camping chairs, making sure to include Diesel's leash, dog bowl and plenty of water. We headed on down the road at 6:30am. Way earlier than I ever like to be awake on a Saturday. About an hour later Mikey was registering with his fellow apprentices for the days events. 

Mikey is a professional tree trimmer whose company is contracted by the local utility company. The events are the same each year, all designed to test the apprentices in their tree climbing abilities. There is a speed climb, a work climb, throw-bag toss, foot-lock ascend, and an aerial rescue. Each of the events have different point ratings and are timed.While Mikey was climbing, Diesel and I took the opportunity to walk around the area as well as relax in the tree-shaded area of the park. We met many new friends and quite a few other dogs. Diesel for the most part was on his best behavior. After Mikey finished up the five events, we were free to get some lunch and relax while the rest of the climbers finished and they tallied the scores.
Swimming at Kensington Park
After a really great BBQ lunch of pulled pork, hotdogs, nachos, chips and cookies. We wandered on down to the lake and let Diesel go swimming for a bit and cool off. We hung out for a while with a few of Mikey's co-workers while they discusses different climbing systems and the upcoming State championships. I think Diesel had a great time with all of the new people and places to explore.

Overall, Mikey did a good job on each event, but not quite as good as last year, and he came in 7th. He's not a very competitive person, but he's always been a great trainer. After speaking with one of the judges, Mikey may have the opportunity to volunteer his time as a judge at the State Championships.

We were all quite exhausted by the end of the day, and it was quite the relief to get back in to the AC at home. We all slept good that night.

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